Starting from the time you make that first contact with us, we will take you on a journey in seek for your potential life partner. With your interests in mind, we will work together through our dating services to bring out the best in you. This is the Champagne SG experience.

Personalised Matching

A personalized match will be made for you base on a set of compatibility factors. With un-diverted attention and more interaction time over the date, personalized matching proves to be the more effective way to meet your Mr./Ms. Right.

You will first be invited to have a face-to-face profiling session with our professional Dating Consultants. Through this process, we will understand you better, and help you understand yourself better. Finally we will analyze your dating needs and recommend a suitable dating membership for you.

With the compatibility elements considered in the exclusive matching process, and the vast experience of our Dating Consultants, a match will be made and shared with you and your potential date.

Upon mutual agreement, we will proceed to arrange a 1-to-1 meet up for you. We will arrange the venue, date and time for the meet up. All you need to do is show up.

Our service does not just stop there. We will do a post-date review with you so you get to know your chances of getting a second meet up with your date.


Dress for a DateFor Ladies
Let's face it - first impressions do count and when you first meet a stranger, physical appearance becomes a powerful tool to make that positive first impression.

While it is not the end of the world to dress down for a date, it definitely does not hurt to dress up.

Our "Dress for a Date" workshop imparts hands-on make up skills, basic dating etiquette, and basic styling to help you enhance your physical outlook.

Marketing and Dating – The 4Ps- For Men
Product, Position, Place, Promotion - these 4Ps are the guiding principles to marketing a product successfully. Wait, what has that go to do with dating? Because you are essentially marketing yourself to someone who is getting to know you for the first time.

This workshop will cover the theories of the 4Ps, and the practical aspects when going for a date. With our accumulated post-date feedback from ladies from our 5 years into the dating business, we will share the "Dos and Don'ts" and enhance your chance of getting that second date with your lady.



Our dating events, which complement our personalised matching service, serve as a fun and interactive platform for singles to meet and mingle. They are facilitated by our dating practitioners who constantly inject creative elements to make the events more interesting.

This is a good channel to network with other like-minded singles in a larger and less personal context. To keep the friendship going, we have our very own members' portal for the group to continue communicating after the event.

Attractive Deals

Starting from the time you make that first appointment with us, our dating practitioner will take you on a journey in seek for your potential life partner.
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31 Dec 2016
Year End Mega Party

Come and join us as we celebrate the end of another good year and welcome the start of a new beginning! Feel free to stay until the end and countdown together with your new found friends! Sign Up Now

7 Jan 2016
Sunset@Lower Peirce Reservoir

As a city surrounded by high rise buildings, it is hard to catch the unobstructed views of a beautiful sunset. Come and join us for a relaxing afternoon over a cup of freshly brewed coffee, before taking a slow stroll to a secret hideout to catch the sunset! Sign Up Now

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