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Qns : Hello, I have a close male childhood friend. We have known each other for more than a decade. I realised in this past year that I have developed feelings for him. How should I let him know? Do you think I should risk our friendship in hopes of a romantic relationship? Thanks.
Ans : In order to let him know, other than telling him point blank that you like him, you should do things that you normally will not do. Example ask him out for dinner and dress to kill, buy him little presents and says casually "happen to see this and thought it really suits you", drop subtle hints along the way. Observe his reaction, does he look happy, does he then also start to contact you more often, or does he feel awkward? If you do receive positive signs from him, enjoy this process.

Most likely things will fall into place and he may just start to hold your hand one day. If you feel the signs are negative, there is minimum impact to your friendship since you did not openly admit to anything.

Qns : Hi, I haven't been dating girls for quite some time and I feel that right now, it's time for me to probably start. However, I don't know what to say if I were to go out with a girl and I dont know how to hold a conversation well. Any tips? Thanks
Ans : I am not trying to pitch our services here but for someone who has been out of dating scene for a while, you should start going to some dating events just to get yourself up to date, and hone up your social skills. You first need the opportunity to meet girls before you can talk about dating one.

Assuming you manage to ask a girl out for a date, make sure you dress well so that she can feel you put in extra effort for her. Some common conversation starters will be hobbies, interests, travel stories, work etc. Avoid sensitive topics such as politics and religion. If you are not a good conversationalist, then be a good listener! Listen to what she has to say, and acknowledge in return.

Most important is be sincere, smile, portray that you are positive about life, and is a happy person who can make people happy.

Qns : Hi, I went on a first date with a guy. I enjoyed his company and keen on a second date. how do I know if he feels the same? how can I let him know (subtly) that I am interested and not appear to be over eager?
Ans : Contrary to most beliefs, making the 1st move as a lady does not make you weaker or disadvantaged in a relationship. Most guys will be flattered with a lady's attention, and guys do need us to give them some signal to proceed. So if you are keen, drop him a friendly sms, it can even be a simple joke to brighten up his day.

After that, you can also take initiative to ask him out for a catch up. Remember, you really have nothing to lose even if he says no. If he says no, it brings proper closure and you move on. If he says yes you may be getting the deal of a lifetime.

Qns : Hi, I had joined the dating events organized by your company. sometimes the guys will ask to exchange numbers. if I am not comfortable with to give my mobile no to this person, what should I do?
Ans : You can give them an alternative contact method such as email? Most guys should get the hint. If they do not, you just have to tell them straight that "sorry but I prefer to just stay in touch via email." Or if you are not even comfortable with giving email, then just say so with a smile.
Qns : Firstly, thank you for entertaining my enquiry. I have a female friend that I am close to, and I feel that it's high time I confessed to her. However, she seems to be unnaturally close to her friends of the same gender, and has informed me that she doesn't find men 'interesting' enough. Should I continue to pursue her or should I assume that she isn't interested in a heterosexual relationship? Advice would be appreciated as I am at my wit's end.
Ans : I think you should not assume she is not interested in heterosexual relationship just by this. Would you happen to know if she has any past relationships? That should tell you if she is straight. If you do not pursue you will always have this "what if I have pursue" question mark in your head. Valentine's day is around the corner. If you ask her out on this day, it is a hint to her that you treat her more than a normal friend, then you can see how she take it.
Qns : 1) What do you think are the actions that you need to avoid during blind dates/first dates?

2) What are the things that you should say during first dates/blind dates?

Ans : Some fundamentals to or not do during first dates would be: 1) do not be late. 2) make an effort to dress presentable. 3) Do not ask sensitive questions such as income, family background unless the other party offers the info herself. 4) Pass your date some compliments wherever possible 5) Always show interest by listening to her and giving some sign you are listening such as nodding your head etc. We do have a workshop on dating which we share more on these topics
Qns : I m loving my ex gf for 5 yrs, nvm leave her alone, unless she want to leave. Even she go together with other guys. I m also still there for her. But I found that now even she is single, she also dun seem to want back our r/s. I feel that I m only a entertainer, ATM , or not even her Fren. Can u teach me wat I shld do?
Ans : I think it is clear that it is time to move on. Loving/not loving someone is sometimes a decision which only you yourself can make. You should try to meet more new friends, and start to distance yourself from her. Afterall we do not have so many 5 years to waste.
Qns : What kind of dating tips do you have?
Ans : Any kind so long as it is related to dating and relationships.

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