What is a profiling session?

A profiling session is a casual interview conducted by our in-house dating consultants to allow you to think through your expectations of potential dates, as well as the goals you may want to set in your search for a life partner. This 40-minutes to 1-hour session starts off with a set of questionnaire, design to prompt you to think more as you work their way through the questions, followed by a chat with our consultant to get to know more about you. Our consultant will then make the appropriate recommendations of our services and suitable types of profiles for you.

What category of people sign up for dating services?

People like yourself, busy professionals who are eligible, but may have been too busy to find time to socialize and enlarge your social circle outside of your work environment to increase your chances of finding a potential partner.

I have a dating package with another dating agency. Can I still come in for consultation?

You are definitely welcome to do so. Different dating agencies offer variances in their services and have different databases; hence, it is not unusual for some people to join more than one dating agency to broaden their social network even more.

I am a divorcee with 2 kids. Am I still eligible?

We do have members like you, who are looking for 2nd chances in their lives. Call us @ 6838 0298 or email to customercare@champagnejsg.com for an appointment.

I am a fresh graduate female. Is it too early to join a dating agency?

As long as you are ready to start dating, it can never be too early to join a dating agency. Most people focus so much on their careers the moment they graduate, that they forget about socializing and dating until they are much older.

Where is your office located?

We are located at One Commonwealth,1 Commonwealth Lane, #02-09, Singapore 149544. Location Map

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Starting from the time you make that first appointment with us, our dating practitioner will take you on a journey in seek for your potential life partner.
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